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Discover how old you are really, with our Biological Age report. These results include your overall, biological age (Intrinsic Age), as well as the age of your immune system(Extrinsic Age).

Our Biological Age report uses 2nd and 3rd generation, scientific algorithms to analyze your DNA methylation and deliver the most accurately predictive results currently available.

Member Price: $550

Non-Member Pricing: $699

TruAge Q & A

Our TruAge COMPLETE, at-home epigenetic test tells you how old you really are from a biological standpoint, and analyzes how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level. Of our two testing options, TruAge COMPLETE offers the most comprehensive and in-depth look at various, biological elements of aging.

TruAge COMPLETE is the go-to kit for anti-aging enthusiasts who want a comprehensive look at their baseline aging metrics, as well as in-depth analysis of specific, age-related biomarkers.

TruAge COMPLETE answers the following age-related questions:

  • For each calendar year that passes, how many years is my body actually aging?
  • How long are my telomeres?
  • My birthday makes me _ years old, but how old is my body, biologically?
  • How does my relationship with alcohol consumption impact my DNA expression and aging processes?
  • According to my DNA expression, am I likely to lose weight from restricting my caloric intake?
  • How has my lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke impacted my DNA expression and aging processes?
  • What can I do to improve my age-related, biological metrics?
  • What does my raw data say?

When to retest

Due to the high precision of the DunedinPACE algorithm, which is sensitive to small lifestyle and medical changes, you can retest frequently and see changes to your pace of aging.

By tracking increases or decreases to your pace, in response to lifestyle, medical, or environmental changes, you can figure out what interventions work best with your unique, biological makeup.

We recommend waiting three months between tests, however, changes can be reflected in as little as six weeks for some

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